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Don't Look Back, God Has Prepared Victory Ahead.

The past is an invisible chain that seems to hold many captives without them even realizing it. Life is a journey and our past should not define us, rather we pick up lessons from our past and march forward. Everything that happens in your life as a Christian is to prepare you for a better tomorrow. When you look back to where you come from with regret you end up forsaking your real journey.

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Sodom and Gomorrah was a sinful city full of all the vices in the world and beyond. However, in that town, the Lord had been pleased by his faithful servant known as Lot. So the Lord sent angels to rescue him from the destruction that awaited the city, the lord was going to burn down the city completely. Lot had found favor with the Lord for his righteous life and had been spared. When they were running away from the city of doom, God instructed them not to look back no matter what. Lots wife disobeyed God and looked back and immediately she turned into a pillar of salt. She looked back at the burning city.

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When you have left your past behind and have salvation from the Lord, do not look back at your old ways for the Lord has already spared you. In our everyday life having a clear purpose is important for Christians. Also, we can learn from the story that living a righteous life will grant you favor from the lord. Lot was living in a city that was full of nonbelievers but he and his family remained faithful to the lord. Have a strong foundation in the Lord and remain steadfast, God will send his angels to rescue you from the dangers of the world.

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Fellow Christians, every new day is a blessing from the lord and it should not be spent worrying about past mistakes but rather the blessing ahead. Be blessed.

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