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How To No Longer Be Captives Of The Devil

The devil is so tricky; His lies seem to make sense. He weaves them into our problems, Builds walls that are immense.

His plan is to birth death in us, To keep us from our purpose, To bury us in unbelief, and cover us in burdens.

The Lord God had a plan for us before we took a breath. He’s waiting to fulfill it and take back Satan’s death.

O child, know God loves you; His plan for you is good. And know that you belong to Him; O set your heart on truth!

O Father God in heaven, restore my heart this day. Take back what Satan’s stolen; Bring forth Your truth and way.

I bind and crush the devil’s lies that tell me all is lost; I break the chains that bind me and burst free from these walls!

Help me to recognize Your truth and wait for perfect timing so my faith becomes strong and sure, with new trust in You rising.

I bind fear and anxiety, for they make me unwell. Fear has stolen much from me, for fear comes straight from hell!

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Content created and supplied by: Jos Jossy (via Opera News )


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