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Covenant Prescription To Longevity

The word longevity means the quality of being long-lasting, especially life. We all want to live long. The Bible promises us that the Lord will fulfill our days. Therefore,these are the requirements for one to live long,(1) Do not tell lies. In the book of Psalms 101:7 the Bible says, ' he that worketh deceit shall not dwell in withing my house:he that telleth lies shall not tary in my sight.' Some Christians have sanctified lies especially in church today. Let Christians learn to practice integrity in all our endeavors. In the same book verse 8, God says that he will destroy them early. A good example from the Bible is the story of Annaniah and his wife whereby they lied before the Holy Spirit and they died. God hates lies because devil is the father of all liers. 2) Honor Your Parents. Christians should learn to engage the parental cover so that they may live long. The Bible says that we should honor the both parents in order for our days to be long upon the land which the Lord has given us. If you want to live long, just work out on your relationship with the parents. We have our biological parents as well as our spiritual parents. As a matter of fact, our pastors also are classified as our parents. These individuals are so much connected with our longevity on this Earth. Youths in the society are encouraged to respect the eldest since they contribute to the longer lives under the sun.

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