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The Best Way Of Reading Bible Everyday

The first step in understanding the Bible is to read it for ourselves for better understanding, cover to cover. This is how we begin to acquire the building blocks of Scripture that are the foundation for our understanding of God’s Word that is available with is. But how do we get started? What can we do to develop this healthy and necessary habit of regularly reading the Bible? Those are basic question you need to answer yourself.

We also can experience this kind of joy and happiness when we come to the Bible. We simply need to ask God to give us a hunger for His Word so that we can get some understanding. This is surely a prayer that God would delight to answer.

Another this is try to helps yourself to schedule a time for reading the Bible on your free hours. An excellent time is early in the morning, before the busyness of the day begins or when you are fresh. Other possible times are during lunch or before going to bed. Designating a time helps us remember to read the Word on time.

Sometimes as we are required to read the Bible, a particular verse stands out to us. It may comfort us, convict us, or apply exactly to our situation. Other times, a verse may perplex us. Whatever our reaction may be, when we are struck by a particular portion we should stop and pray over it. Pray before and after reading it.

A daily Bible reading habit will lay a foundation for our Christian life, strengthening our faith and helping us know the Lord Jesus in a deeper way. May God grant us all His grace to daily read His Word so that we can grow in our knowledge of the truth.

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Best Way Of Bible Scripture Word


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