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"My Son And My Wife Committed Suicide The Same Day, Just A Few Hours Apart" Reverend John Narrates

Reverend John Wainaina from Kinangop painfully narrates how his wife and his son, committed suicide on the same day, just a few hours apart on a Sunday.

According to him he was born and raised in Kiambu in a family of eight children. He finished his secondary education and he relocated to Kinangop to study theology. Aftery he finished his course he met a young woman and the two got married.

He said that he became a pastor and he rose through the ranks and he became a reverend in his church. Together with his wife he was blessed with thirteen children and his wife supported his ministry in church.

Their life was good and his wife practiced farming. She helped him with raising their children until they were adults. They two were married for over thirty years and through that years his wife never showed any sign of stress or depression. However his eldest son had noticed that his mother was withdrawn and she had forgot things frequently.

He said that after living together for years his wife organized for a meeting with her children on a sunday so that she can bless them. On that sunday morning she started preparing food for her children who lived far from home together with her sister.

At around mid-day she left and went to the farm to fetch some potatoes which would be used to cook food and she left her sister to continue with the food preparations.

She stayed longer than expected on the farm and he decided to go and look for her together woth his wife's sister. Unfortunately when they entered the farm they found the lifeless body of his wife hanging from a tree. This attracted neighbors who were shocked by the incidence including his children.

"My wife had hanged herself from a tree in our farm." He said.

He said that they transported her body to the mortuary together with the police and after he came back, he realized that one of his son's was missing. He asked his children to look for him and they found his lifeless body hanging from the celling of his bedroom.

"My son was shocked by my wife's decision to take her life and he also committed suicide." He said.

This news shocked him together with his neighbor's who couldn't hold back their tears. He said that it was the worst day of his life after he lost his wife and son on the same day die to suicide. He is still planning for the funeral and he is appealing for help form Well-wishers who can assist him with funds for the funeral.

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