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Why God's Promises Doesn't Rule Out Your Efforts; Go And Work

To get to the Promised Land, remember that there is a Red Sea for you to cross; it's a promise from God, but you have to put in your effort to avoid frustration. If God has promised you kingship, remember that there are pits and prisons along the road to that throne.

If you God has shown you great glory, remember that there is a Cross and a crucifixion hidden somewhere on the map. You can never get to the land of your destiny without climbing mountains, fighting giants, crossing deep oceans, bearing crosses, falling and standing, making mistakes, and sometimes, crying at night, but surely, you will get there.

Following God is not for the faint-hearted and that is why I always tell people that before you pray that God's will should be done in your life, you must first of all bear in mind that his will might bring you pain. If you think that God will carry you to the throne without first shaping and molding you into the man or woman that He wants, then you will die with that prophecy and promise unfulfilled.

The angel that stood before Mary told her that she will bear a son who would redeem Israel, and that was the promise. Now, the road to bear that son was strewn with so many thorns, deep pits, disgrace, and an almost divorce. God promised her a son, but Joseph almost sent her packing, Simeon told her that a sword would pierce her heart, Herod made her a refugee in Egypt, the son later went missing, and one day, he said, "who is my mother?

Those who hear God's word and keep it are my mother, and my brethren?" (). And on that Good Friday, she was there to witness the cruelest death for this son that the Almighty God Promised to her. If you think that God's promises will be fulfilled while you are snoring on top of your bed, then you are the joker of the century.

That promise that God has made to you will come to pass, but get ready to suffer heartbreaks, sustain deep wounds, face betrayals, backbiting, sleepless nights, and tough times. However, if you persevere like Joseph, you will win in the end, Jesus." And don't forget, he laughs best, who laughs last... You will surely laugh!

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