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Signs That God Is Punishing You For Your Wrong Doings

God loves us so much the same way our parents loves us. When you do something wrong, God is able to punish us the same way our parents punish us when we wrong them. Some people feel bad when being disciplined by God not knowing that they are the once offending Him. The following are some of the signs that God is punishing you for your wrong doings.

1.You are being haunted by guilt.

Guilt is one of the things that God uses to punish those who have done wrong things. Being haunted by guilt is the most uncomfortable feeling that no one would ever wish to have. You will therefore be forced to ask for forgiveness.

2.You start suffering the consequences of what you did.

He is God of justice and He will never let anyone go free for doing something wrong. God loves us so much and He wants the best for us. When you did something wrong you will start suffering the consequences since He always see everything that we are doing.

3.Everything you do backfires at you.

This is always one of the punishments that God will use to discipline someone who has done wrong things to others. You might do wrong to your ones and end up hurting yourself. This is a clear sign that God is punishing you. You should therefore repent and ask for forgiveness.

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