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Methodist Church of Kenya Splits Further

The Methodist Church is one of the churches in the country that enjoys many followers. It is among the churches that some people describe them as mainstream churches in the country.

Methods Church has been a church known for its unit of its members and working together of its countrywide branches.

However, in recent years, the church has been recording divisions and splits across the country.

The Sunday Standard reports that Nairobi Methodist has become the latest region to split from the main church.

The Church is using this Sunday to announce a new region in Nairobi, which means all Methods churches in Nairobi are walking out, and will not report to Methodist Church in Kenya head office located in Meru.

A conference is being held in Nairobi to confirm internal autonomy. An invitation letter sent to officials has indicated so, that main reason for the conference is to form the Nairobi region, and have it operate on its own.

However, the region will however stay "connected" with the main church.

“Internal autonomy means the Nairobi Churches are breaking away from the administration of the Methodist Church in Kenya head office while remaining part of the Methodist Church in Kenya Connexional Church,” the letter read as quoted by the Standard.

Nairobi churches splitting from the main church marks the third region to do so after Coast Regional Conference and the Mount Kenya Regional Conference.

The split from the main church head offices means weekly contributions are not sent to the main office.

For instance, the Coast region churches left with the main church and walked out with properties they owned in the region, including the schools that started under their name.

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