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The Origin Of Eid Al Fitr And Why Muslims Celebrate It

Islam is a religion just like Christianity, though here things and beliefs are different from those of the Christians. Muslims place their hopes and beliefs on Allah while Christians believe in God. We differ a lot but our differences shouldn't tear us apart. In Islamic culture, they have a period called Ramadan which is a moment set aside for them to fast from morning to late in the evening. During this period of Ramadan they engage in intense prayers, fasting and reunite themselves with Allah.

According to my research, Ramadan teaches Muslims to be disciplined, avoid sins, encourages charity and generosity. Through fasting they get instilled with compassion for the less fortunate members of the society. At the end of it they celebrate a popular festival named Eid Al Fitr which is celebrated after the new moon is sighted. 

This Eid Al Fitr is believed to have been started in the early centuries as history narrates that Muhammad first sighted the holy Quran during the holy month of Ramzan. Therefore this festival signifies the end fasting which is also the opening of a new month called Shawwal. 

During this celebration Muslims thank Allah for the strength and resistance from temptations during the entire moment of Ramadan devotion. They celebrate by putting on new garments and preparing delicacies that they share with the less fortunate. 

In chapter 2, verse 185, of the Holy Quran, the Almighty Lord states: "You shall complete the number [of days] and you may glorify God for his guiding you, and that you may be thankful"


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