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A prayer for forgiveness

Our Father in heaven, we bow before you. I am very grateful for the grace that you have reconciled with ourselves through our Redeemer and Lord Jesus Christ. We are very aware that you are a selfish child. We are deeply aware of what we have thought, said and done to make you uncomfortable and disgraceful. Please forgive these sins.

And Father, we are aware not only of what we have done, but also what we have not done. We did not love you with all our heart, soul, heart, and power. We love ourselves, so we don't love our neighbors. We are deeply aware of our guilt and forgive that loving others often fails.

Father, we are sinners, but sin is also committed against us. We bring pain in front of you where we were mistreated. Help us by your grace to express our pain at the foot of Jesus' cross.

Father, thank you that many of our sins can be forgiven through our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your promise to put our sins behind you, bury them in the depths of the sea, and remove them from us as long as the east is far from the west. Let the blood of Jesus cleanse us from all the sins we pray.

Now, Father, give us the grace we need to forgive others, just as you forgive us. Help us love others well. Allow us to grow with compassion, empathy, grace, and forgiveness. Pour out your grace from us in this harsh and relentless world. Then your name will be respected, your kingdom will expand, and your will will be accomplished through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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