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Details of End Time's Antichrist Beast

A Bible is a revelation of God to man contained in the 66 books( 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament) bound together to form one book with the main purpose as the redemption of a man.Bible containsins a lot of stories with hidden meaning carrying great teachings in it. In most cases Jesus used proverbs and parables in His teachings in order to attract the attention of His audience and to elaborate his teachings to them. The authors of the Bible who were inspired by the Holy Spirit and guided by the Lord also used hidden meanings and proverbs in writing the Bible. Despite the use of those hidden meaning and proverbs,the Holy Spirit is always there to help us understand the word of God when reading and meditating on it.Today this article sheds some light on what's written in the book of Revelation 13 about the beast. Revelation means unveiling something and in our case here, Revelation is referred to as the book that unveils the future events like the rapture, 3 series of judgements that will fall on the earth during the tribulation,the emergence of Antichrist,the persecution of Israel ( Christians) and the second coming of Messiah. Biblical meaning of the word "Beast" refers to the kingdoms that will rule over the world from the Adam's generation until the second coming of Jesus Christ.A kingdom is a state of government having a King or Queen as its head and in our case it's referred to the kingdom of Israel and the ruling Kings.The first beast which appeared in from the Sea had seven heads, ten horns with 10 crowns and on each head carries a blasphemous name. His appearance carried a divine meaning in it.The seven heads represented the seven kingdoms which were historically dominant powers ruling over God's people.These Kingdoms were; Egypt, Babylon, Assyrian, Greece, Rome, Medo-Persia and Anglo-America. The first five Kings who were referred to as fallen Kings leading those Kingdoms were, Julius, Augustus, Tiberius, Claudius and Caligula. The sixth king who was known as a living king reigning in times of writing the book of Revelation by Apostle John is referred to as Nero. The last king who was yet to come and will remain for a little while was referred to as Galba.

The ten horns represented all the sovereign states,small and large and the crown on each horn shows that each nation will rule concurrently with the primary political power of the time. Finally blasphemous names that each head carries were targeted to injure and damage the reputation of God.

Spiritually the seven heads represents the the seven Kings and the eternal states we will enjoy when we arrive heaven if we follow the Christ's righteousness and holiness.

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