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5 Biblical Personalities Who Saw God Face To Face But Never Died And How It Changed Their Life

1. Adam in the garden of Eden

The story of of Adam and Eve is the story of creation found in the first book of the bible called Genesis. In this particular book we get to know the creation story and how Adam became the first man to be created by God.

Adam was in perfect form and in a strong relationship with God. The first book of the bible describes how God would visit Adam every evening and the two would talk like friends. As long as Adam was in the garden of Eden, he would see God, he was after his sin that Adam was chased out of the presence of God.

2. Moses in the wilderness

Moses was one of the most daring of all the old testament prophets. At one point, he told God that he wanted to see him. God had been sending him and giving him instructions but it reached a point when Moses wanted to see the face of God. In the book of Numbers 12:8, God openly admits that unlike any other prophet, with Moses he speaks face to face like a Friend.

3. Eve in the garden of Eden

Being the first woman to be created as recorded in the book of Genesis. Even was in her perfect form and just like Adam, God would visit them every evening. This was before the fall of man. The relationship between God and the woman came to and end after the sin of man in the book of Genesis. One of the consequences of their sin was separation from God.

4. The Prophet Isaiah

The Prophet Isaiah was very precise and elaborate about his life changing encounter with God as recorded in the book of Isaiah chapter 6 from verse 1 to 6. In his own writings, Isaiah says that in the year that King Uzaiah died, I saw the Lord sitted on the throne.This was a life changing encounter that shaped the ministry of Isaiah every since. After he saw God, Isaiah gives the experience of how he also saw the seraphs who had six wings, that was the encounter that saw God now sending Isaiah to the nation of Israel.

5. John the disciple of Jesus also the revelator

There was not any type of death that would kill John and after they tried killing him and couldn't, they resorted to exterminating him and sending him to the island of Patmos where he had a life changing encounter. It was on the island of Patmos where John wrote the only Historical book in the new testament and that is the book off revelation. The book of Revelation is John meeting God and being taken to the judgement day and seeing what would happen.

Why do you think these people saw God yet it's recorded that no man can see God and live? Share your thoughts about this article on the comment section below and also don't forget to like and share the article.

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