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How Rev Natasha Is Setting The Trend In Gospel Outreach

ev Natasha is quick to trace new unique ideas of spreading the gospel of God quickly. Infact if you want to prosper in a certain field either in the cooperate world or other investment sector, creativity will always elevate you to greater heights.

Rev began with using the social platforms to stream live church services. Ostensibly, with the great mileage, she is commanding millions on the social media and thousands in the city who attend weekly and mid-week services. This is a great impact worth to be celebrated. As the Lord record assignment done by his secants, Rev Natasha won't miss at the top position.

Still on the uniqueness, she believes that God should be served in decency and style. We cannot be pleasing men in the political class with such formalities yet when it reaches to serving God, we do it fogothary!! Let us make the church look beautiful and attractive. Invent better ways of bringing pulling people to the church. You want to address the youths, ensure you begin by fixing digital technology which includes sound system, WIFI and other important factors.

Some people are less of ideas and believe that even wearing smart in church is a sin. That is why a short percentage on the social platforms will always crimilaze such young girls serving God in style. If a president can be reached with songs, big clue, high end vehicles among other luxurious rides, why not a prophet of God intending to deliver the message of Christ.

Rev Natasha is giving enemies of progress sleepless nights with daily innovations. The church design, state of the art, how she conducts the services, the protocol team among other servants are visible in the public domain. Social media has come to ease everything. Those yet to adapt the digital technology which is fast and easier won't comprehend anything until knowledge is impacted in them. It is a matter of time. I know Rev has mastered the experienced on an individual basis or by visiting the developed continents. She has supposed knowledge in plenty here in Africa, but the recipients are taking too long to understand!

It is just a matter of time. Salvation is not slavery! Pray & Slay.

Look beautiful even when In church not only when going for dates

Serve God decently and excellently!

Content created and supplied by: BruceNewtonMungai (via Opera News )



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