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"Happy Feast Of Our Lady Of Rosary" Why 7th October Is A Memorial Day Of Mother Mary And The Rosary

Catholic church is known for it's complete devotion in praying the rosary which is believed to be the best way of presenting needs to God. This rosary contains five mysteries and ten hail Marys prayed on every decade. Each mystery has specific days as recommended by the church. The believe is that mother Mary is the one who instituted this way of prayer, through a vision to some saints. For instance, Mary appeared to the three Fatma children and urged them to pray using the rosary for the sake of our sins and those of others. 

The first time of issuing this she appeared to St. Dominic in Prouille. At that time the young Dominic was facing a hard time trying to convert people to catholic faith. He felt like giving up but Mary gave him a vision of the rosary which he used as a defense tool. This happened in October so it marked the reason why Catholics acknowledge it as the month of the rosary. 

Pope Pius the tenth in 1913 decided to recognize 7th October as the feast of blessed virgin of the rosary , that's why today we're still honouring it. This was as part of his efforts to celebrate liturgy of the Sundays so it became a mandatory memorial. 

This is the limelight of the rosary story, let's continue being prayerful and let it be our first priority.  

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