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Pictures: This is the magnificent AIC Kapsowar

A church is a physical building that we always meet as believers to go and pray and worship the Lord. There are so many different churches and denominations in kenya and in the world, and many more are still mushrooming everyday.

Now, there is Africa Inland Church, a well known church here in Kenya and also associated with the late President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. The late president built many schools and many AIC churches including AIC Kabartonjo, AIC Kabarak in Kabarak University where the late president resident is and where he was buried as well among many other AIC.

One thing common with African Inland Church was the design, they had almost the same design. Now, here comes the magnificent and the most unique design ever witnessed. This is the magnificent AIC Kapsowar. The architectural and structural designs were done by a young female church member who is an architect as her contributionsto the church.

What a beautiful masterpiece! Let’s celebrate our girls. See pictures below;

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