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"I Am A Muslim" Thee Pluto Confirms That He Converted From Christianity To Islamic

Thee pluto is a brand ambassador and YouTube personality who has risen from grass to fame in just a couple of years. He used to be a Christian before he switched to a different religion. He released a song a few years back before he talked about his newfound faith.

In the past couple of months, he posted on his social media platforms that he was planning on converting to Islam. Many of his followers didn't take his announcement seriously. To make his followers more curious, he allowed them to ask him questions about his conversion.

One of his followers asked if he was still planning on converting to Islam or if he was already one. He said that he was already an Islam but he would like to practice it fully in the future. Another follower also asked if his wife would be a Muslim. He said that she was still in a dilemma and he would like her to convert.

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