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How Those Who Speak Evil Against You Cannot Stop God's Blessings

Men can convince each to hate and fight you, but convincing God to command his angels to fight you because they hate you, is where the impossible problem lies. Man's hatred cannot influence God, neither can man's jealousy make God withhold his blessing.

They can gang up to speak evil against you, but can their tongue stop God's blessings from raining on you like a dew? The possibility of jealousy, hatred, blackmail, and gossip exists; but these can't make God hate you.

The hatred and the many plots of their brother of Joseph against him didn't stop him from ascending his throne... It paved the way and hastened his gentle stride to his glory (Gen. 37-50). The bitter gang up against the three young men couldn't consume them even when they succeeded in throwing them into a furnace that consumed those who threw them into the furnace... (Dan. 3).

They convinced themselves to hate them but failed in convincing God to hate them. I normally tell people that when God loves you, the hatred of men will only attract his bountiful blessing upon you and the works of your hands; that is what the Bible means in Romans 8:31 when it says, "If God is for us, who can be against us.

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