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9 Categories of Angels that Protect Human Beings and Serve God


Most people are familiar with angels and some people have even seen them, they are the lowest order of the list. They act as messengers to mankind and are more concerned with living things. 


They can be found in Jude, Revelation and first Thessalonians. They are powerful chief angels and the highest of all is Angel Michael. However Gabriel and Rafael are also powerful and considered Archangels. Michael Was the one who defeated Lucifer out of heaven, he is ready for war, ready to serve God and the protector of Israel. Archangel in general are believed to be the protector of God's people for example prophets, they go through a lot in their mission but they are always protected


They are messenger angels from heaven, they serve different territories and they work together with power angels. They carry orders from the dominions and also they are present to bless the world. They also inspire education and art and science 

Powers and authority

They preserve the history; they are war angels, ready to battle and very loyal to God. They can be found in 1 Peter chapter 3 verses 22. You will be surprised to hear that Satan was the chief of the powers and authority before. 


These are big powerful and strong angels that supervise the movement of heavenly bodies in order to ensure that everything is according to plans. They are loyal and ready to serve God anytime He calls. They are mentioned in Acts chapter 27 verse 23


They have wings made of feathers that are also powerful, their duty is to govern heaven and regulate the lower angel duties. They look like divinely beautiful humans with wings. They also carry with them sword and also glow. 

The thrones

The thrones have an unusual appearance compared to others. The angels resemble wheels joined together. They have eyes all around and they are the living symbols of God's justice and authority


They are the second in order; they have four faces and four wings as described in Genesis chapter 3 verse 24. They have the faces of an ox, lion, eagle and a man; the wings also have their purpose. They guard the way of the tree of life. The angels are mentioned in Exodus, Ezekiel, first kings and revelations. 


This is the highest ranking angels that protect and take care of God's throne. This information can be found in the book of Isaiah chapter 6 verse 2.This angels have 6 wings that they can use to fly, cover their eye and feet. As we all understand, feet represent something unclean, and this angels cover their eyes to honor God. They sing praises and acknowledge how powerful God is. 

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