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Christians Are Encouraged To Pray At Midnight And 3am, See Why It Is Important

When you say a prayer at midnight, it is midnight. It is the time of day when the enemy gathers with their spells to battle their victims.

At those times, a wicked individual may get up and launch nasty arrows. People frequently have unpleasant dreams and spiritual attacks on their bodies around midnight.

Between the believer and the demon, the strength of midnight serves as a battlefield. The typical window for spiritual assaults is from 12 am to 3 am.

These assaults are planned by witchcraft, marine, domestic, strongman, and witch doctor forces, among others.

The above is supported by the Bible.

Acts 16:25-34

The other convicts were present as Paul and Silas prayed and sang hymns to God about midnight. A huge earthquake struck out of nowhere, shaking the prison to its very core. The prisoner's chains all broke off when the doors all sprang open at once.

Psalm 119:62

I shall get up at midnight to give you an appreciation for your just verdicts.

Luke 11:5

Here is a brief story about a man who goes to his friend's house at midnight and knocks on the door to ask for some bread. The parable exhorts us to ask without holding back because God will supply.

At this time, prayer is essential. Ask God to intervene in your family's, your country's, and your community's lives. God is holding out.

Judges 16:3

Samson, though, didn't stay there past midnight. Then he sprang up and grabbed the doors and two posts of the city gate, tearing them free, bar and everything. He took them to the peak of the hill facing Hebron by lifting them to his shoulders.

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