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Rachier Reveals Number of People He Has Brought Into Freemason

Gor Mahia chairman has today clarified that the Freemason is an organization just like the Rotary clubs of Kenya and not necessarily a devil worship institution like many people have always thought. He revealed that there are processes that are followed to join and that you have to be invited by someone who knows you.

You will then be taken for an interview and asked questions regarding your family and their perception of their sect. Also, how they would view you in case you joined. After that you will be given an oath and then you go through an initiation process before you become a member.

When asked on if they sacrifice family members, he said that he had actually brought close relative's and family members to the sect and that there is now way he can sacrifice the same people he is trying to bring. He added that the act of sacrifices is just a belief and that it does not usually happen. He has revealed that he has brought close to 20 people who are close relatives and friends.

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