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Recite This Saturday Prayer To Receive Weekend's Blessings

For in every dream in our heart, God gives us inspiration. For every hope we Seek, GOD gives us unexpected Miracles. When we Pray, MIRACLES Happen, creating WONDERS in our lives.

When we rise from our beds, may we thank GOD for allowing us another day to give Glory, Honor, and praise to our Heavenly Father. I am asking HIM to guide your steps.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I commit this day into your hands. I thank you in advance for all you will do on my behalf. I am grateful that you will be beside me every minute of today and that your grace and strength will be more than enough to see me through.

May my heart be filled to overflowing with your Love, hope, joy and peace and may it splash onto everyone around me. May I be a blessing to others and point The way to you in all that I say and do.

I pray this believing in Jesus name, AMEN!

Wherever you are, I pray that God's love be with you. Wherever you go, I pray He will protect you. Whatever You do, I pray that Joy will fill your heart; Because you deserve every Good Gift a wonderful Life can Hold!

May God Bless You More.

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Glory HIM


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