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4 major Islamic beliefs and practices

Islam, as a way of life and peace, is divided into five categories, each of which Muslims must strictly adhere to as an act of submission and worship to God ( Allah). These are some of them:

1. Quran

This is a holy sacred book from which all muslim sects seek guidance, and it is made up of compiled Revelations given to Mohammed by Allah through angel Jibril during his lifetime. It is a set of fundamental belief papers from which all practices are generated and are assumed to be perfectly received without any falsification. This book serves as the center of belief and worship for all public and private practices.

2. Sunnah

The ideal style of life that the prophet gave and used to live is described as a tradition of practices followed by Muslims and also attributed to Prophet Mohammed. It is given to Muslims as a tale based on Mohamed's teachings and actions as interpreted from the Quran.

3. Hadiths

These are the traditional or sayings linked with Prophet Mohamed that are recognized as the primary source of religious moral laws for guidance, second only to the Quran's authority. It recounts events that occurred throughout the prophet's lifespan and practices. Hadiths give rise to the Sunnah, which is regarded as a way of life.

4. Dua

It's a method of communicating with one's or a group's deity/God. Usually performed by Muslims in order to seek God's assistance, kindness, and direction in all aspects of life. Unlike salat/prayer, there is no need that it be done at a set hour. It can be carried out at any time and in any location.

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