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Six Things You Probably Didn't Know About Roho Churches

Roho (Holy Spirit) church is a nationally known and recognised denomination in Kenya. The name however depends on the community. Personally, when I was young (partially even today) I knew beyond doubt that all churches where congregants put on long white robes, round caps and head covers and hits shoulder hanged drums were Roho people. Okay that's a different story, but for the Roho that I know, here are some facts you probably didn't know about them.

1. The church began as African Israel Church Nineveh and was founded by David Zakayo. I'm not sure of the tribe but from sources I'm told he was a Nandi. From then, the church currently named Roho has expanded rapidly to different parts of Kenya and even US and UK. The church has also witnessed a series of splits and separations. One of the most currenlty recognised one is Roho Israel Church. That's an aspect adapted from history, now below are from experience.

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2. They have specific worship days when the holy spirit descends on the congregants. Their Holy Spirit is however a little bit difficult to understand though. The way it deals with the congregants, only God knows. The information I have is that when it descends on a sinner, it deals with them ruthlessly. On these Sundays, passing by these Roho churches you'll listen to them speaking in tongues and hitting all sorts of things.

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3. New borns should never be let out until official days set by church to release them. On this day, a women or male church elder carries and displays the child as they sing and dance along market roads to the church and back to the parent's house. I'm not sure what this implies but that's what they do.

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4.Every robe, head wrap, and caps depending on colour have meanings. This I was explained to by one of the congregants. All church members are expected to put on white caps and head wraps or specific colour adopted by the church, so whenever you spot any of them in a different colour, then it's the dictate of the holy spirit.

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5. Just like the Orthodox church which is said to have birthed the Roho church, Roho churches also use candles to pray. Every candle I'm also told have different meanings based on colour. This also applies to the Legion group who have close relationship with the Roho and orthodox churches.

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