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Netizens Criticize Pastor Kanyari After A Video Of Him Praying For Omosh Surfaces Online

Once in a while people tend to come back to the path of Christ after a long time in sinning. A large number of a population do believe that life in Christ is a remedy and it should be the only to be followed.

Pastor victor Kanyari is in the limelight again after a video of him praying for omosh surfaces. Omosh, who had been an actor in the famous Tahidi high series, a citizen tv series, had been in the life of suffering for long. He decided to dedicate his life to christ via prayers from the Pastor. The video has got a wild reception after people believing that it was all about acting but not genuine prayers.

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In a video posted by the famous Nairobi gossip club Facebook page, Omosh is seen to fall down while he is being prayed for. The pastor touches his forehead and then immediately falls down to the behind, then given support by the ushers.

The video has since caused a stir online as people haven't believed in the prayers. It's believed that Omosh was given ksh 7,000 after the prayers by Kanyari and some shopping to take home after the prayers. Pastor kanyari was in the limelight after being exposed three years ago for performing fake miracles using potassium permanganate, which turns purple when dissolved in water. This sums up to the public disapproval of him.

What's your opinion over this prayer session recorded?

Watch full video here.

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