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Pope Francis Praying In A Mosque In Mecca (Photos)

Over the years there has been a division among people around the world because of religion. Something that should not be the case because we all worship one God.

With religion, we are able to be drawn close to the Almighty creator of Heaven and Earth. It's so painful to see something that was meant to bring peace to all people being used to cause chaos.

Pope Francis has been on the forefront to bridge the gap between Muslims and Christians and even he has been seen severally visiting Mosque i.e in Mecca and praying with Muslim brothers and sisters.

This is something that should be emulated by all religious leaders in order to bring the whole world together so that we can live in peace and harmony.

Below are photos of the pope in a mosque

Do you think the gap between Christians and Muslims will ever be reduced? Write your thoughts in the comments section below and please remember to follow, like and share. Thank you.

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