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Aden Duale Explains Why Muslim Women In Kenya Should Wear Hijabs

The minister for Defence Aden Duale has explained why he wants all Muslim ladies in Kenya to wear hijabs.In a recent tweet ,the UDA strongman said that conmen and conwomen have always hidden themselves using the hijabs,he argued most of them are not Muslims.He insists that if every Muslim lady is to wear hijab ,then those pretending would be unmasked.

"The men and women masking their ulterior motives in kanzus and hijabs must be called out for who they are; charlatans!" ,Duale tweeted.

The cabinet Secretary went on to say that Muslims women wearing hijab is a religious requirement and what he is doing is just speaking the truth.He added that any attempt to bring his idea down will ultimately fail.

"Almighty Allah ordered the women to let the two ends of their headgear extend onto their bosoms so that they conceal their ears, the neck, face, and the upper part of the bosom also. (Chapter 33, Verse 59 – Al Ahzab)", added Aden.

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