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Power Of Jinns and the prayer to overcome them in Islam

Islamically, Jinn is a spirit created from hearth with capability to see and harm unguided human being.

It is acknowledged that the Jinn can see people alternatively humans can't see the Jinn, Allah says (interpretation of the meaning).

“Verily, Shaytaan and his troopers from the Jinn or his tribe see you from the location you cant see (them).

Al-araaf 727

Due to the fact the shayaateen devils are evil they like to customary dirty places Allah says (interpretation of the meaning).

Terrible statements are for terrible humans or horrific ladies for awful men and terrible human beings for terrible statements or horrible guys for awful women.

Accurate statements are for acceptable humans or top girls for appropriate men and top human beings for proper statements or precise men for good female

Al-noor 2426

Consequently the shayaateen universal the areas the region humans relieve themselves and they want to do them damage.

The prophet peace and benefits of allaah be upon him has recommended us what we have to do so that allaah will shield us from the evil of the shayaateen when we enter the loo. That is that before than coming into the area, the muslim have to say: “Bismillaah allaahumma inni aoodhu bika min al-khubthi wal-khabaaith in the become (aware of of allaah o allaah i are seeking refuge with you from evil and from the male and girl devils)."

Al-tirmidhi no 606

Narrated from Ali ibn Abi Taalib (may Allah be pleased with him) that the messenger of allaah peace and benefits of allaah be upon him stated; “A display will be placed between the eyes of the jinn and the awrah of the sons of adam when one of them enters the toilet, if he says Bismillah (in the title of Allah)." (Cassed as saheeh with the aid of means of al-albaani in saheeh al-tirmidhi 496).

Abu dawood 6 and ibn maajah 296

Narrated that the prophet peace and advantages of allaah be upon him stated these toilets are visited by way of jinn so when any one of you goes to the lavatory let him say: Allaahumma inni aoodhu bika min al-khubthi wal-khabaaith o Allah. I am trying to find refuge with you from evil and from the male and woman devils classed as saheeh with the useful resource of al-albaani in saheeh ibn maajah 241.

The phrase hushoosh translated right right here as loos refers to locations the place human beings relieve themselves and it includes the water closets that are in peoples houses.

“Visited through jinn potential that they are frequented by using capacity of the devils with the intent to intent injury to humans.

Khubth capability evil and khabaaith ability evil souls, mainly the devils both male and lady so one is in search of refuge with Allah from evil and from those who do evil from awn al-mabood. If the muslim says this duaa earlier than getting into the rest room allaah will provide him refuge from the devils.

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen (may also Allah have mercy on him) said;

The gain of announcing bismillaah is that it conceals a man or woman. The advantage of in search of refuge with allaah is that one is turning to Allah from evil, and from the male and lady devils for this region is filthy (khabeeth). And a filthy place is the abode of these who are evil (khubatha). So it is the dwelling house ofthe devils. For this reason it is super if one desires to enter the loo to say “A'oodhu billaah min al-khubthi wal-khabaa'ith

(I am trying to find refuge with allaah from evil and from the male and lady devils). so that he will now not be harmed by evil or by means of way of the evil souls.

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