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Signs That God Is About To Bless You Abundantly

1) Dreams and Visions.

Having dreams and visions that one day you will be blessed is a clear sign that you do have faith that God will do great things on your life. If you have a vision that one day God will bless you don't lose hope for God will be doing great things to you.

2) Other people testimonials

Hearing other people testifying how God has blessed them is a clear indication that God still in the throne and he is doing great things. When you hear other people testifying do not feel bad about it let it be an encouragement that God will bless you too at the right time.

3) Friends.

Creating new friends is an indication that God is bringing your destiny connector on your way. When you notice that you are creating new friends believe in God and you will find connection in Jesus name.

4) Prayers.

When you pray you do speak directly to God. God hears your prayers and all he is asking from you is faith and always pray without ceasing and surely he will bless you abundantly.

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