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We are the church lets build it

Its time for Africans to realize that we make the church.Its unfortunate that men of the cloak wait for support from 'whites' to make the many years do we have to wait? the locals should start by assembling stones,iron sheets and other building supplements .The congregants also have to support the clergy therefore improving their lives this by better housing e.t.c

The missionaries came to preach the Gospel to Africans its our time also to evangelize to them, I say so because the faith has been lost especially in the Western countries.The numbers in the church is decreasing its saddening to hear that someone attends church services once in a blue moon.

For instance if we assume that church is not present how would life be? I am asking so because more time is spent on overtime working, its a threat oh yes it is since family values have been forgotten children need attention more than anything let them enjoy having parents around .

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