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5 People Who Challenged And Mocked God Intentionally But God Punished Them With Death

God created earth and Heaven, he later created Man and Woman and put them on earth to take care of all things that were on it. God later gave man 10 commandments after they sinned one of them being 'I am the only God and no other God to be worshiped'. Above all no one is a above God, this means no man should go against His will nor mock him in anyway. Below are some of the people who mocked God and went against his will but God punished them with death.

Christine Hewitt.

She was a well known journalist and entertainer in Jamaica who mocked the Bible. According to her, the Bible was one of the worst book ever written by God. Mysteriously in 2006, she was found dead in her vehicle after it caught fire.

Tancredo Neves.

The former Brazilian president mocked God by saying "I have many votes above 500 thousand and no one not eve God can remove me from presidency." Few days later after his inauguration, Neves fall sick and died. 


Cazuza was a Brazilian singer. One day while performing, he smoked a cigarette and puffed a big smoke upwards and mocked by saying, "God that is for you." He later died few days later due to lung cancer.

Bon Scott.

Bon Scott was a big musician in the world. His song 'Don't stop me' made him more famous and according to him, the song mocked God saying that there was no Heaven. Part of the lines stated, "Don't stop me, I am going down all the way to the highway to hell" and surprisingly, he was dead in 1980 one year after releasing the song.

John Lennon.

The American singer once wrote a song saying “Christianity will end, it will disappear. I do not have to argue about that. I am certain. Jesus was OK, but his subjects were too simple, today we are more famous than Him." This was kind of mockery to God but in turn John was shot dead by unknown people few days after his remarks.

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