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Believe in Your Dream one more time

Yes, you can dream again, and believe in your dream one more time for faith is like bird that feels the light and start to sing at the crack of dawn when it's still dark. The bird does not wait to see sunshine in order for it to start singing. On the contrary, it is the bird's song that ushers in the sunshine. Don't wait untill you feel like dreaming or happy to declare to people about the good feeling, just start behaving happy and you will feel happy. Happiness is not a feeling; it's more than an emotion. Its a choice and state of mind.

Don't settle for an average life because of lost opportunities and past experiences. Why should you live in the wilderness when you can afford to live in the land that flows with milk and honey? Why settle for the good when the best is a possibility? Why be contented with the best when excellence is an option? Why pitch tent at excellence when perfection is within reach? And finally, why remain at perfection when you can ascend to holiness? Holiness is about wholeness in life; being healthy and wealthy spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally and financially.

"The power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Dr. joseph Murphy. He writes, "You have a fundamental right develop and express yourself in all your pptentials." Then goes on to say, "You have withjn your 'grasp' a road map to the royal road to riches of all kinds - spiritual, social, mental or financial."

It's certain, if you dream again you will achieve it is your right to. I am out to re-activate your dreams, energize your passion and rejuvenate your life. You may have made blunders in the past, associated yourself with the wrong business partners, invested in a field that you were lesa conversant with, made some immature investment decision and one way or the other it landed you in trouble. It has lesf you bleeding emotinally and you now have to deal with creditors, lots of pressure and pain because of the phenominal losses you have incurred.

The challenge to you today is, you can dream again. Remember, our thoughts are creative. What we think and feel, create. We create what we believe. You cannot achieve greatness in the outside if you are feelimg small in the inside. Dr. murphy affirms this in saying, "Dreamers are like cartoonists, they animate the pictures in their mind, they give them names, voices, movements and roles." You can choose to begin re-animating your life pictures now.

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