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Why The Higher Your Faith, The Higher The Power You Will Command In The Place Of Prayer

How will your faith command great power if your mind is deceived? Your faith will not be able to command great power if your mind does not line up with the reality of the Kingdom of God. Until something happens with our minds, we might not be able to engage with certain realms in God's Kingdom.

And we must begin to pray in faith from these realms so that we can have real victory. You are not supposed to pray from the earth realm but heaven.

Father, let the understanding that is in you take root in me, take root in my mind, and let it control my life. The understanding in you, let it become my understanding and let it control my lifestyle, let it control how I see things, how I speak, and let me be filled with divine understanding.

Lord let the same understanding that is in you be rooted in me and let it control how I think, how I see things, and how I pray. Let the understanding that is in your Kingdom become my understanding let me have the understanding of who I am in your Kingdom and the understanding of who you are on the earth.

Let such an understanding be revealed to me and let me be able to operate with this understanding, let me live and pray with this understanding in the name of Jesus.

You cannot pray the prayers that the apostles prayed back in the day that shook the ground and changed nations if you are not changed or transformed. A change must happen to the way you think, the way you see things, and the way you live your life, that is when you will start seeing yourself praying prayers that will shake the heavens and the earth.

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