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"I Was Wrongly Jailed For 10yrs For Defiling A 4yrs Old Girl And My Life Was Ruined Completely; Tom

Tom Nyakundi from Kisii painfully narrated how he was falsely jailed for ten years for defiling a four years old girl, in a school where he was a pastor.

According to him he was born and raised in Kisii in a family of eight children. He finished his primary education and he joined as college where he did theology. He was always on and out of school due to lack of school fees. He graduated eight years later.

He said that he stayed home for some time and he got a job as a preacher in a school in Garissa. He was given a house together woth other teachers in the school. He trained to be a teacher and the students and other teachers children liked him a lot.

One day after he finished his classes he went back to his house can he was accompanied by some of the teachers children. He played with them for some time before they went home. However the following morning he was arrested while in class teaching by officers who accused him of defiling a four years old child.

"I was shocked when I was informed that I had defiled a girl I was playing with the previous evening at my house." Tom said.

He was taken to police custody and after their child was taken to hospital it showed that she was defiled. He was taken to court and after a few years he was jailed for life in prison for defilement. However he believed that he was innocent and he made an appeal for his case.

He was jailed for four years when his case was taken to court where the evidence presented in court was revisited. The evidence showed that the semen found in the girls private parts didn't match his semen. Due to this he was released on a bond as his case was reopened.

He said that on those first hearing of his case the second time the judge decided to take him back in prison as his case was be taking place. He was jailed for six more years and after years of going to court. The Judge declared that he was innocent.

After he was released and he went bach home. The community didn't accept him and they stigmatized him for being in prison. They no longer allow him in their homes and they prevent him from seeing their children.

He has adviced people to embrace people who have come back and reformed from prison and embrace them back to the society.

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