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A Christian Explains Why She Stopped Going To Church For Six Months After This Happened

Depression can be bad. People who are depressed normally do irrational things just to ensure that they forget what's happening to them. However, with proper counseling, it is possible to overcome depression.

A lady recounts how her life changed when she became depressed.

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According to reports, the lady named Alice Likimani became depressed after realising her son had a disease; Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Speaking to Gladys Gachanja on NTV, Alice Likimani says she stopped going to the church for about six months despite being a Christian. This is because God had lost meaning in her life. She felt as if God had forsaken her and her family.

It took her time to come to terms with the reality. The good news is, she eventually returned to God and started going back to the church.

Do you know other cases of people being depressed and doing some irrational things? Share their experiences down below in the comments section. What do you think should be done to help such people?

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