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What The Bible Says About The Power Of Faith

In my article today, i will be talking about the power in having faith with reference to the Bible. Kindly read until the end.

The Bible tells us that, there is a direct relation between power and faith. The more faith we have in God the more power and blessings we are going to have.

The relationship between power and faith can also be seen when Jesus visited his hometown in Nazareth.

Mathew 13:58 says that, he did only a few miracles there because they had no faith.

This verse clearly shows the connection between power and faith. Their lack of faith caused Jesus to only have little power to display.

Luke 17:4 say that, suppose he sins against you seven times in one day and he comes back to you each time and says 'I'm sorry' forgive him. This verse is also explained further in Mathew 18:22 and it says that, Jesus answered them and said I tell you not 7 times but 77 times. In this verse Jesus wanted them to forgive others as many times as possible.

We all know how hard it is to forgive someone 77 times in one day, Jesus also knew ower weakness and thus the apostles said in Luke 17:5 the apostles said to the Lord 'give us more faith.'

This clearly shows that we need faith to have the power to forgive.

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