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Meet The Famous Prophet In The Bible Who Was Forbidden By God To Marry

Marriage was ordained by God, therefore God always want people to marry. We get companionship through marriage, therefore people should not fear marriage. God told Jeremiah not to marry, and many people were shocked with this news. God said that it is not good for a man to be alone, but many people could not understand his reason. 

The book of Jeremiah 16.2 forbade Jeremiah from marrying, and it also forbade him from having children. Many people would have questioned God, if they would have been in Jeremiah’s shoes. God always does many things in our lives, and we always fails to understand them sometimes.

God said in the book of Isaiah 55:8 that, his thoughts are different from that of men. He went ahead to say, also that his ways are different from ours. Jeremiah worked as messenger of God, and he was very faithful to God. He preached the gospel of God to people, and some people accepted it. 

Jeremiah showed a lot of humility at work, and God really loved him. He started working for God at a youth age, and he grew into a good servant of the Lord. Jeremiah did not enjoy life on Earth, because God did not permit him. God refused to let him attend any ceremony, so he lived a very lonely life.

He was always lamenting, because God always revealed to him about the destruction of the wicked. Jeremiah faced a lot of challenges on Earth, but he chose to hold on. His life was always being threatened, but he chose to fight for the gospel of God. The Lord rescued him from many dangers, and he really did not disappoint God. Many servants of God always pass through hardships in life, and some of them always chose to deny the Lord. Jeremiah Chose to be with the Lord until the end, therefore we should learn a lot of things through this prophet.

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