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How To Let The Lord Help Us Defeat The Devil

The Devil’s an accusing fraud whose goal is to defeat us. To use the trouble in our lives to see that our faith ceases.

But God tells us to let it go, that He will fight our battles. For God knows what real truth is, while Satan's truth is shadowed.

God wants us free to rise and soar where only eagles dare. To let go of encumbrances, to crush all Satan’s snares.

To bloom where we are planted, to know good comes from bad. For God’s ways aren’t the ways of man and often don’t make sense.

Help me Father when I fail to seek You for Your way. Give me ears and eyes to know the Devil’s tricky ways. That I might keep my eyes on You – to not lean on MY wisdom.

For Your way’s always better, though I don’t understand. I’ll praise You Holy Father, come take Your rightful place.

Upon the throne of my heart – that I might know Your ways. For I know You will make a way that I can’t comprehend.

And only through Your might and truth will I be new again! Please give us hearts to bow before Your awesome, holy throne.

That we might walk on Satan’s lies until we wear a crown. For You’re a God of mystery so far beyond our thinking

And we will raise our hearts and hands to God of all creation!

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