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Here Are The Scandals Of Pastor James Ng'anga The Leading preacher Neno Evangelism


Every one has a past, scandals and dark side of life. Indeed, even the people who seem to be innocent and perfect make mistakes and have  dark parts that they always dnt want to share with others publicly. 

Pastor James Ng'anga the leading preacher Neno Evangelism is not left behind. Over the past years, he found himself in different scandals. 

According to the Kikuyus, James means someone who is usually full of high aspirations, Ng'anga describes a generation of people initiated together. This according to the Kikuyus culture is a symbol of infinity that leads to the next level of one's life. One of the Kikuyus elder said that a person named Ng'anga can be 'ruthless' in pursuit of goals. Could this be true to this vigilant man of God or not? Let's see down the criticisms and scandals accused of him  down there. This is because on several occasions, the pastor has been in the news for being found on the wrong side as he should be the role model to the nation.

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The first scandal is the latest one of him being accused if threatening Citizen TV editor Linus Kaikai. Lately(On Tuesday) at Kiambu court , he was charged and granted sh 300, 000 bond or sh 200,000 bail. The charge followed a video that went viral online in which he wears what looks like military fatigue.



However, the cleric warned the media against describing some preachers as fake and condemns calls to have preachers trained in theology.

In November last year, another video went viral in which the pastor exorcised demons out of the Tanzanian queen of the African Gospel Rose Muhando. This brought mixed reactions to many people.

Three years ago, the same man if God, who confessed to have ever been a hawker was charged in a Limuru Court with causing death through dangerous driving,giving false information and failing to report the accident that left a woman dead. This prosecution called 33 witnesses, including motorists, a pedestrian and experts who placed the famous pastor at the scene of the accident. Surprisingly, Ng'anga denied all the charges. He was therefore acquitted but the state appealed.

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More so, his wife Loise Macharia accused him of being an abusive and adulterous drunk. Here the pastor blamed the devil for his tribulations and spiritually said that God will make a way and see him through. 


This is how he stated," I thank God for taking me through this process. For now, I understand Satan's kingdom and his schemes. My prison was a physical prison, but, today, there are many who are in spiritual prison and are unable to come out or free themselves."

Let it be known that the televangelist is among the top clerics with fanatic followers. His church currently has ten branches. He organizes a series of national wide crusades. According to the website, he now wants to establish a 15-storey building in Nairobi and has been asking his followers to donate.


"The Bible says,'You shall surely give him, and your heart shall not be grieved when you give to him... that for this thing the Lord, your God,shall bless you in all your works, and in all that you put your hands to," He reminds his faithful followers on the website.

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