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Why When You Go Through Troubles And Let God In Your Life, You Are Destined To Win

Sometimes God will take you through the fire, sometimes He’ll make you fireproof and sometimes you’ll need to be purified by the hot furnace. Just hold on to His will, God has the final say and you are coming out better and when you come out everyone will see that favor is on you.

God is going to change your ashes for beauty, weeping may endure for this far but joy is around the corner. Maybe you are in the valley of disappointment and loneliness, but that is not your final destination. Devine connection and provision are coming your way.

You may be going through a tough time, hardship, and struggles and barely making it through. You may not understand it but God wouldn’t have allowed it, not only that He could not take you out but wants to walk with you step by step and bring you out with great substance better off than you were before.

You are destined to win! You will succeed in life! There will be roadblocks, and obstacles will come, but you may be going to make it! Keep pressing your way forward, have faith in God, and your dream will come true.

Too many are looking for instant gratification but know that not everything is going to happen at the same time we want it to. Everything takes time. Still, we must not give in or quit. It will happen. Remain patient while we learn the many facets of life, and even learn about ourselves and others.

Don’t just sit there thinking about the magnitude of the problem, no, no, no! Stand firm and declare the magnitude of our God, and start walking towards receiving the divine provision.

Every day we must do something that will move us forward in the direction of our goals. Our consistent actions must also be positive and in harmony with our thoughts. We must believe that our dreams, ideas, our goals are possible and also believe that we have what it takes to make them work in our favor. Write down each goal, surround yourself with supportive people, and be ready to take personal responsibility to make it happen.

We must have faith to believe that we already have whatever it is that we envision for ourselves in life. It is that kind of faith that will cause you and I to rise from the hard times and begin to call things that have not yet come into existence as if they already did. (Romans 4:17) Believe that there is a higher power who already knows that our outcome is going to be successful.

You have this promise that regardless of the fire, mountain and valleys you will still be standing because you are a child of the highest God. Face the problem. God wants you to just be strong and courageous, to position yourself and stand firm then He’ll fight for you so keep moving, keep shining, and keep pushing until something happen.


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