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Jimal Fires Back At Pastor Ng'ang'a Moment After He Said Nobody Should Touch His 'Private Parts'.

Today, pastor Ng'ang'a was aired on a live TV show and he was preaching to a large audience as usual. The founder of Neno Evangelism Ministry was actually telling congregants that they should not allow anybody to touch them inappropriately. He said that people need to respect each other since the body is a sacred gift from God. Pastor Ng'ang'a went ahead and said that he does not like it when he sees young nurses touching an old patient. He said that young nurses should deal with young patients. He said that he cannot allow any young nurse to touch him inappropriately even is the issue is so critical. Ng'ang'a sounded a warning saying that even when he dies, no young attendant should be allowed to touch his 'private parts'. Jimal was seemingly angry with what Ng'ang'a was saying considering that he is a man of God. The city businessman said that pastor Ng'ang'a should respect the alter since it is not a place where anybody can utter dirty words.

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