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Opinion: DP Ruto Becomes The Biggest Beneficiary After Churches' Move To End Politics on The Pulpit

The church is one of the places commonly used by Politicians to increase political points. This is because the church brings up free congregations loyal to it and hence gives platform for politicians to speak to the people and sell their agendas. However, this platform has now gone after most churches moved to end all politics from the pulpit banning politicians from speakinh in church, something that this writer opines that gives Deputy President William Ruto a huge score.

DP William Ruto receives a donation from John Cardinal Njue (left) during a fundraiser at St Thomas Moore Kairuri Catholic Parish on July 1, 2018. 2nd left is Embu Catholic Bishop Paul Kariuki. PHOTO | CHARLES WANYORO |NMG

Ever since 2017, The Deputy President has been moving round the country, making entry into almost all major churches in Kenya. This jas been boosted by the Tangatanga Philosophy, driven by Members of Parliament allied to him after his fallout with the President.

Following this, this writer believes that the DO has already made a connection with attendants of many different churches and have bonded in a particular way that inly another politician with different and better idea can break this bond.

According to the current situation on church policies, there will be no room for any politician to speak in church, leaving no option for any other candidate to bond with the congregant.

Remember, it is only the church where politicians could find relaxed citizens who have no any other business but to listen to what the politician has for them. Most of the other platforms like rallies only give time for "what the masses want to hear", most of which are propaganda and hate speech against competitors. This may not be enough to bring down DP Ruto by his competitors at it might not provide enough evidence of any allegations.

Meanwhile, we would like to hear your opinion on this, Do you think the decision to end politics in the church have given the DP a political score ahead of 2022 general election? Express your opinion in the comments section

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