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Reasons Why Some Ladies Are Still Single

Usually when you go through the list of the basic qualities of who some ladies want to get married to, you will discover that first on that list is HE HAS TO BE GOD FEARING OR A GODLY MAN.

When it is a man, then it becomes SHE HAS TO BE A GOD FEARING LADY OR A GODLY LADY.

That is a good thing. Godliness is a good thing. In fact, it should be the very first thing on your list of who to marry. I love that.

The only problem with this idea is the usual understanding of what being godly means for some church folks. Hence we must now look into this matter to bring light to the path of the innocent.

Some ladies are still single today because the men who came to ask for their hands in marriage are non pentecostal people, they may be of the Anglican or Catholic Church; while they are believers who now worship in some living church not in the dead churches.

If a person attends a pentecostal church and is a worker there, and perhaps speaks in tongues and prays in the Holy Ghost, he or she is godly. But if another person is in the Catholic Church or Anglican Church or Methodist Church or the Presbyterian Church he is not a believer and hence ungodly.

In fact, if you are not a member of a particular pentecostal church, some pentecostal churches won't even reckon with you as a thorough going believer let alone one that is yet in the Catholic Church or Anglican.

Well, my wife was a Catholic until after our wedding. In other words, I married a Catholic. And sometimes I consider her to be more godly than myself. Yes, she was a Catholic until our wedding.

I have seen catholics that are fire brand for the Lord in many different ways including in their fervent prayer life - catholics.

I have been working very closely for about six years now with some members of the Anglican church who are everything you will want in a believer today. My affiliation with the Presbyterian church is on record. There are prophets in that church today that are on fire for the Lord.

Being godly is not about being a worker in a pentecostal church.

In fact, there are more pentecostal pastors whose marriages are a pity than even members of their congregations. Should being pentecostal be synonymous with being godly, then shouldn't marrying a pastor be the height of godliness today?

There are some catholics and members of the African church who believe that if you not a catholic or a member of the Anglican church then you are not even a member of the Church. Those too are deceived. That is not the hallmark of godliness.

Being godly is not about the denomination one belongs to. In fact, it may not even be about the religious inclination which one favors, but it is about having some basic qualities of God in you such as love, holiness, justice, mercy, forgiveness, sincerity and faith without which no one can come unto the Lord.

If the lady or the man you love or who is love with you and wants to marry you is not a member of your denomination, don't let denominational differences to rob you of your heartthrob.

Don't seek to convert him or her to your church, seek to ensure that both of you share the same godly values as I highlighted above. And give yourselves the benefit of doubt to grow in faith.

Now, there are a lot of ungodly persons in many churches, yes, even in many pentecostal churches who are workers or even pastors there, who also can pray for hours in tongues.

Do not be deceived.

Be more concerned with his or her faith in God. And if they haven't known God through a personal encounter, let that be your prayer point, to have him or her saved, not to have him or her change from attending catholic to attending your church. That won't do you any favor later.

To be saved is not simply a matter of praying the salvation prayer and confessing Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior. It is about having a new life - the life of God in you empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Godliness is not about the church you attend, it is about the life you live.

I'm emphasizing this so that you can also know whether you who is wanting to marry a godly man is godly or not, and how you can help the one you love to get saved if you're saved. A lot of people today need to be saved from the errors and foolishness of religious misconceptions and be brought into light through the effectual sharing of the living word.

Has this message blessed you?

Tell me about it in the comments.

Did you you leant anything at all or do you have any questions, let us hear them now in the comments. 

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