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The Identity of two Priests who Were Caught Conducting Secret Masses Revealed

The government of Kenya had already issued a directive discouraging public gatherings of people at any place in an attempt to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country. This has led to church services, night clubs and parties among others being banned as they are a form of social gathering and also the introduction of the curfew.

This has however proven to be a very difficult directive to adhere to by some spiritual leaders who are still conducting secret services and masses for their own benefit without considering the health safety of their followers and worshipers.

For two priest in Western Kenya this has unfortunately turned into a nightmare as they were caught last night conducting secret masses. One was identified as Father Christopher Wanyonyi of Christ the King Cathedral (CKC) who was caught in the middle of the mass with his fellow worshipers who ran away as the police was only interested in capturing Father Christopher.

The other pries who faces charges concerning the same is Father John Ogola of Busia Catholic Church who has already been summoned and now waiting for legal action to be taken against him.

This operation was engineered by County Commissioner Abdi Hassan who expressed his disappointment by the religious leaders claiming that they are the once causing unnecessary confrontations instead of of leading in the fight against coronavirus.

The priests can serve a 3-month jail sentence for violating the curfew directive once the COVID-19 disease is over or they can be released on bail.

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