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3 Clear Signs That God Is Speaking To You That You Didn't Know

God always talk to us in different ways and only few people always notice. Most of us don't pay attention to what God is saying because they don't even understand the signs and ways through which God can speak to Christians. This is because some of us only go seeking for God's guidance only when they're in trouble. As a Christian you should know when God is speaking to you so that you does not miss the message. The following are some of the signs that God is speaking to you.

1.You feel as if a sermon is intended for you.

This mostly happens when one goes to church and what the man of God is preaching is making her to feel uncomfortable. That is a clear sign that God is speaking to you. May be He wants you to change. You are therefore advised never to Ignore any scripture or sermon that makes you feel guilty. It's God speaking to you through the scripture.

2.Act of kindness from people when you have a problem.

God loves us so much and He will always come to help us when we have difficulties. Some times you might be in trouble that you don't even remember God but He will still come to help. God can use people to speak to you. For example when you are in trouble then a person just comes from no where to help. That's a clear sign that God is sending you some message.

3.Having strange dreams or visions.

This is another way that God can use to speak to His children. Only few people can speak to God through their dreams because it's a gift. They have dreams and visions where God is telling them what they should do. If you happen to have such kind of dreams, never ignore them. God is speaking to you indirectly. He wants you to do something for Him or even his children.

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