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A Party Ends Dramatically In A Church After Cooks Did This To The Food The Had Prepared

There was a dramatic scene in a church in Bethany of Kitengela. This was after the wife to a pastor made arrangements of how food was to be prepared by the women in the church.

Earlier on, she had proposed it to be done by outside catering,but it was greatly opposed by the by the women, saying the would do it better and without a pay.

All possible logistics were made in readiness to the on coming ceremony,that bring Fourth dignitaries and friends of the church together.

The women were also prepared to cook enough food for the ceremony. Everything was done as expected. The ceremony went of smoothly with everyone getting happy interacting, as this was always happening once in a year.

The ceremony ended and as usual, visitors lined up so that they could be served with the food. The women happily started serving but the wife to the pastor realized that they were serving Small portions, a thing that made the visitors to complain.

She told them to put enough food which they gladly deed. Shockingly, the food got over and the women were not bothering to go for some more. The wife to the pastor decide to go to the kitchen, to check if there was some remaining.

To her surprise, she found no food in the kitchen. People got curious as they were still waiting for food. The Wife to the pastor called the women and asked what had happened but the said the had served all the food.

Some Visitors went home sad, without eating anything. The pastor called the women and furiously made noise at them ,when he realized they had put food in their baskets, ready to take them home.

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