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How To Pray To God For Help During The Seasons Of Grief And Loss

God, we praise you for your compassionate heart. Give us the relentlessness of the good shepherd who goes after wandering sheep and never gives up.

Protect us by your Holy Spirit from being easily discouraged and grant us the spiritual strength to endure the hardships we face.

If there is any un-confessed sin active in their lives, I pray that You would bring them to the deepest valleys if that is what it takes to get them back on the narrow path.

Please deliver us from a sour compulsive nature to envy others and resist your will. Save us from a life of pretense and guard us against using religion as a mask to cover up our resistance to the claims of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Father God, please help us during the seasons of grief and loss that we may endure knowing that your Son lives and that in him sorrow can never have the final word.

We pray all this in the name of Jesus and for his sake, Amen.

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