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If You Are Heavy Laden Or Burdened; Say This Prayer For God To Give You Rest

I Said a weekend Prayer For you and asked the Lord above to fill your heart and bless your soul with the precious gift of Love.

A ask him for sincere love, the kind that's meant to stay. Just like the generous love you give to those you touch each day.

DEAR Heavenly Father!

You tell us in your word, MATHEW 11:28, "Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

Oh Lord, you know how Tired and exhausted I am, being burdened or weary, May you give me Rest and lift my burdens to Glory.

We lay down everything before you, everything that seems to weigh on us heavy. Please help me to trust you and may your peace fall over us.

Thank you for the grace of being alive today. Life goes by so quickly, please help me to live and love well and take Nothing for granted. Please help me to be a good Steward with my time, my health, my finances and all you've entrusted to me.

Help me to let go of regret and all the things I can't change. Help me to do my best and trust everything else to your hands.

I pray you would prepare for what lies ahead. I know there may be circumstances or situations that may catch me off guard, but I pray that I would be prepared and equipped to handle it all.

As I rely on you for my STRENGTH and provision. I ask that you would also help me not to fear or worry. I desire to be in your will to fulfill all that you have for me and my life in Jesus name, amen!

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