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Why Priests Wear a White Collar Around Their Necks

You might have seen preachers, priests and other members of the clergy wearing religious attire with a white collar. There is a spiritual reason behind it. The priests are significant members of the church and they are tasked with leading the flock. Besides being considered spiritual, they are to be distinct from other members. The white band usually worn on the neck is a sign of sanctity and dedication to God's holy work.

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The collar is common with the Roman Catholic Church priests and Protestant clergy members. Over years, it has remained to be the a significant element of the clerical dress code.

Origin of the white collar

In the 12th and 13th Centuries, the Roman cassock (cloth worn by the clergy) was designed to have distinctive features. This was meant to identify the clerics from other members of the church. Initially, it had a black collar which later was changed to white. The collar was designed to replace the linen collar that was meant to be worn over the priest's cloth.

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By the 17th century, it had fully become a custom and there emerged different varieties of collars. It is believed that in the 19th Century, one Protestant priest came up with the removable collar that became popular with time.

The collar has since been taken as a consecration and dedication of God's servants to His work.

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