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Pastor Ng'ang'as Alleged 'Trick' To Evade Age Limit Upon Re-Opening Of Churches

Neno Evangelism Center founder, Apostle James Maina Ng'ang'a has been noticed to evade the age limit that was set for congregants ahead of the re-opening of places of worship.

In a tweet by the apostle, he allegedly sort to know the price of plastic surgery which in turn he claimed that it would help him look younger so that he could evangelize as churches resume.

"Plastic surgery ni how much? Nataka I look younger ndio sunday nitokee.... Kama 23 years old," read the tweet by apostle Ng'ang'a.

This however follows the directive by the government on worshipping as the new guidelines were set among them being those below 13 years and above 58 years should not attend any church services but rather worship from home.

Those with underlying medical conditions were also instructed not to attend services as they were at risk of contracting the virus. A total of 100 member would be allowed per service which each service lasting a maximum of one hour.

Below are some of the Kenyans reactions to the Apostle;

@njorogejane92 Whatever you smoke...give me the number of your dealer

@steveheits Uliza Dr.Amoth

@VokesNesh Kwani unaenda kufanya umalaya kanisani??

@BethuelKingsley Pastor naona ushabackslide kitambo Sasa utahubiri Nini kanisani yet unakosoa mungu?

@kingdaviesky Kuja nikufanyie bure tukule hizo sadaka , kumekauka

@TheMayorsSon Jiweke tu carolight bro

@Stevethydj Hata ufanye surgery bado sauti n Kama ya mbuzi mzee so tulia kijana

@MwangiDedan Stop joking with the gospel... Hii ni kichungi cha kujua ni Nani anayemtumikia Mungu na ni Nani wanatumikia Mammoth-god of money. I pray to God, that He opens the eyes of His flocks to see well, that they may run away from every Alter that's not His.

@natalie84618594 Aki hii chronicles ya China ni kama ilikuaffect pastor

@KayvohMunga Wewe ata huhitaji plastic surgery ile utoto uko nayo ata ni ya mtoto wa nursery mwenye bado anajikojolea

@ziplomat Akili ilizeeka. Pole

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