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God Is Not Going to Answer Your Prayers If You Use These Things.

There are certain things or words you should not include in your prayers for God to answer you;

1•A lying tongue _Christians don't lie?Lamentably they do some of the time.Yet doubtlessly its difficult to get in business these days without lying?God abhors a lying tongue ;see what paul wrote in Ephesians 4:25.we need tp supplicate David's petition in song 120:2.

2•Hands that shed blood _We normally consider cain and abelin Genesis 4:2_15.Do you abhor anybody? Then at that point in God's sight,you are a killer and God abhors killers.

3•A heart that devises mischievous deeds_ we are helped here to remember the well spring of fiendish which starts inside.See what Jesus said (Matthew 15:18_19).How various was Dorcas in Acts 9:36;and Barnabas Acts 11:24.

4•The feet that runs to hurry into evil _Here are feet that hurry to do wickedness. This is the Devil's work since he "prowls around like a thundering lion .1 peter 5:8.God abhors this wickedness.What's going on with your feet!lt is safe to say that they are the lovel feet of Romans 10:15?

We should be straight forward with ourselves and with God;let the searching light of His statements and essence of God to come into our souls and uncover the things which disappoints Him.Then,at that point we should concede our wrong,doing and spurn what laments the master 2 Corinthians 7:1.

We should look for and get the purging of Christ's valuable blood. Say thanks to God ,this is accessible for the holy person and the miscreants 1 John 1:7.

We should depend upon the essence of God for the triump 2 Corinthians 3:17,thanks and be blessed.

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